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Are you seeking medical treatment abroad and want to make sure you receive the best care at the lowest possible price? The many options online can make it very complicated…

Fortunately, your search has finally come to an end, because we have already done all the work! We only work with the best healthcare providers and offer the lowest price guarantee with FREE service on treatments from contracted healthcare providers.

Well-arranged from A to Z! the Mediqle service is unique, unparalleled and offers many advantages... 

Click the below service to see what we have to offer!

Medical Services Abroad


We offer a wide range of medical services, from fertility treatment to bariatric surgery, we know how to help and support you with the best care like no other! Is your treatment not listed here? No problem, the possibilities are practically endless, contact us and we will be happy to help you!

  • Eye Care 

    • LASIK

    • SMILE

    • PRK/Trans-PRK

    • Cataract surgery

  • ​Fertility Treatment *

    • IUI

    • IVF

    • ICSI

  • Preventive Medicine *

    • Full body scan 

    • Blood testing

    • Genetic testing

    • Other types of screenings

  • Medical Treatments *

    • Cardiac procedures

    • Obesity treatments

    • Cancer treatments

    • Other medical procedures

  • Telehealth *

    • Online medical consult​

* Service available soon

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