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Medical Tourism Travel Guide: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most interesting global cities, it is the only major city on two world continents and since ancient times it has been the bridge between the east and west. It is therefore no surprise that this city has a rich history and is a melting pot for many cultures. Besides being a crossroads between the east and west, it is a true medical metropolis, Istanbul attracts tens of thousands of medical tourists every year for treatments such as a hair transplant, fertility treatment, oral care and eye care. With this guide we hope to offer you more insight about this beautiful and versatile city and wish you a pleasant journey!

Relax, food, culture and history

Now that you are travelling for your medical treatment and everything is well arranged, this is an excellent opportunity to get out and about. A city rich in history, culture and architecture left by glorious empires in a modern guise. Sail from Europe to Asia or to one of the nearby islands in one of the many fun boat trips. Pay a visit to a bathhouse and go shopping at one of the many shopping centers and shopping streets. Or perhaps it is an idea to go back in history by visiting one of the many museums full of Turkish and Roman artifacts (such as the Topkapi palace museum), shopping at the old bazaar, or one of the numerous architectural masterpieces from Roman / Byzantine and Ottoman times. In Istanbul there are many activities and an almost inexhaustible amount of possibilities for every kind of tourist!


There is certainly no shortage of good food in Istanbul, there is always something tasty to be found just a stone's throw away!

Food plays a central role in Turkish culture, and Turkish cuisine is therefore very versatile and rich in flavor. From vegan dishes such as cig kofte and vegetable dishes to hundreds of kinds of kebabs and different kinds of pastry and delicacies. Turkish cuisine has something for everyone! The Turkish population eats outside a lot and they pay great importance to good food, so it is very important that the food performs! That is why good eateries can be found even in the busiest of places in Istanbul. To know where to eat, the golden rule remains, eat where the locals eat. In addition, you can of course also visit one of the many famous Instagram restaurants such as Nusr-et and CZN Burak.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and besides a rich historical and cultural past, it has a very modern presence. From the airport to the malls and shopping districts there are many modern amenities for getting out and about.

There are many shopping centers and shopping streets, so there's always one in the neighborhood.

To name a few:

Shopping streets

  • Istiklal Caddesi

  • Bagdat Caddesi

  • Nispetiye Caddesi

  • Abdi Ipekci Caddesi

Shopping centers

  • Mall of istanbul

  • Cevahir

  • Forum Istanbul

  • Istinye park

  • Via park

Public transport

How to use public transport in Istanbul during medical travel.

Public transport is the way to travel in Istanbul. With the extensive metro network you can go almost anywhere in Istanbul, it is accessible, well-arranged, you will not suffer from traffic jams and on top of that it is also cheap! To use the metro network you need to purchase an Istanbul kart. These are easily available from the yellow payment machines at the metro stops.

Public transport metro lines in Istanbul for Medical tourist


When traveling to an unfamiliar city, websites like Tripadvisor are your best friend! Are you looking for something nearby, a restaurant, activity, sight, or just want to get some inspiration? On TripAdvisor you can find almost anything, and you will immediately see how others have experienced it!

Visit other places in Turkey

Turkey is large, diverse and has a lot to offer. Therefore, you can also choose to combine your medical trip with a visit to another place in Turkey. Some centrally located tourist cities are Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum (medical trips are also available here, see our blog). From these beautiful cities you can also reach many beautiful sights and natural landscapes in a relatively short time.

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Medical tourism guide Istanbul Turkey

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Therapeutic Areas

  • Cardiology

  • Bariatic/Obesity treatments

  • Oncology/Cancer treatments

  • Other medical procedures

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