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The hair transplant travel guide: How to be prepare for a hair transplant abroad and what to expect?

Things to pack for a hair transplant abroad.

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Thank you for choosing Mediqle! We understand your enthusiasm for the results of your hair transplant. To make the experience as pleasant, hassle-free and easy as possible, it is wise to prepare yourself well for the treatment. In this blog we tell you how to do this, let's go!

How do I prepare for the hair transplant?

Preparing for hair transplant abroad.

Get the necessary information

It is always nice to know in advance what exactly will happen and what a treatment will look like. To find out what to expect and which method is best for you, read our FUT, FUE, DHI or PRP blogs. If you do not know which method is most suitable for you, you can always contact Mediqle for free specialist advice (for this you must ask your question and send photos of your hair), you will receive personal advice and in some cases it is even possible to schedule a free video call with the respective doctor. Have you already planned a treatment? Then it is useful to go through the following blogs in addition to this blog: pre and post hair transplant, frequently asked questions and other relevant blogs.

Dos and don'ts for your treatment

See our pre and post hair transplant guide for this. It explains in detail what you should and should not do before and after your treatment.

Take time off

Although the daily routines can be resumed fairly quick, you should take into account the slow start of the activities and any obstacles that may arise after the hair transplant. That is why we recommend that you schedule at least a week off after your treatment so that you can fully focus on your recovery.

Check if you need a visa or vaccinations

In some countries you need a visa to enter the country. Check in advance whether this is necessary to avoid surprises, you can also ask your Mediqle healthcare coach! It is also wise to get yourself vaccinated when traveling to certain countries, see the websites of your local healthcare provider or government. It is also possible that it is currently less safe to travel, see the travel advice from the government website.

What should I bring with me?

Now that everything is taken care of, it is time to pack your suitcase. What should I bring? Mediqle also helps you with this, so get your pen and check them off one by one!

What to pack for a hair transplant abroad.

Personal documents and ticket

Perhaps most important are your personal documents and flight ticket, because you cannot continue your journey without it. Important documents are, passport, identity card, visa and flight ticket. Nowadays, digital versions of visas and airline tickets are also available, often in the form of a PDF, but it is useful to print them out to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Important and relevant medical documents

Your medical records and information can play an important role in your treatment. You can think of allergies, chronic diseases, etc. You should have already provided this information to the relevant doctor / clinic. Nevertheless, it is useful to have these documents with you in case they can be useful.

With some medicines you cannot travel to other countries, for this you must request a medical certificate in advance, contact your pharmacy, general practitioner or healthcare provider. Make sure you bring this printed out.

Comfortable clothing

Don't forget to pack comfortable clothes! It can be a long day, so it is nice to make yourself as comfortable as possible. We recommend that you take several button up shirts or blouses with you and wear them before and after the treatment so that you do not have to pull the garment over your head.

Emergency situation? (contact details contact person)

It is always wise to carry a document with you that contains important information. This includes telephone numbers and addresses of contact persons in case something goes wrong or important medical documents if you are unable to provide the relevant information.

Only hand luggage? (empty bottles)

If you are only taking hand luggage with you, it is wise to take into account that you are often not allowed to take more than 1 liter, divided over packages of no more than 100 ml each. At some clinics you will receive special shampoos and care products in packages larger than 100ml, so it is convenient to divide them into smaller bottles.

Debit / credit card and cash

It is often not pleasant, practical and safe to have all your money with you in cash. That is why we recommend that you bring a debit or credit card. It is also wise to have a certain amount available in cash, for example in case you need money and cannot pay anywhere with your debit or credit card.

Telephone and power bank

In this era, almost everything can be controlled digitally and a telephone is almost indispensable. Just think of when you are lost, want to eat something or are looking for something fun to do, you immediately grab your phone! It is also useful to have a power bank at hand in case you are going to use your phone intensively and it cannot last a full day.

What can I expect from my hair transplant journey?

Your journey begins! You will depart from the airport, once you have arrived in the concerning country you will be picked up by the transfer at the pre-arranged location (if this is included in the package), it is therefore useful to write the meeting point on a note. Your transfer will take you directly to your hotel or first to the clinic for a short consultation, this varies. Often the next or the second morning the treatment takes place, your transfer will pick you up and take you to the clinic / hospital. After a short consultation and the necessary medical tests, your treatment will take place under local anesthesia. Often you will not feel much of the treatment itself, the anesthetic syringe may burn slightly and pain may be experienced after the hair transplant, take the prescribed painkillers for this.

See: FUT, FUE, DHI or PRP to learn how exactly your treatment works and see: pre and post hair transplant blog for a clear timeline of your journey and other useful information before and after your treatment!

What to do after a hair transplant?

Your treatment is done! You have received the necessary information about the aftercare from the clinic and have been dropped off at your hotel. The next day you will be picked up from your hotel at an agreed time and taken to the clinic for a postoperative checkup, after the checkup you will be dropped off at your hotel or directly dropped off at the airport depending on how your trip is planned. After you return home, you can continue with the aftercare. Even now you are not alone, we are still ready to help you, if you have any questions you can contact your mediqle healthcare coach or contact your clinic directly. We hope you had a great experience and we would love to hear from you!

Doctor consulting for hair transplant abroad.

Do you want to take the right step towards your hair transplant? Your Mediqle healthcare coach will help you on your way. Well-organized and completely free from start to finish!

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Would you like more information about hair transplants, the pros and cons of all treatments, how to start your medical journey and how to save money with our handy tips? See our hair transplant services, and perhaps we can help you too! #Mediqle

Hair transplant travel guide from the best hair transplant clinic abroad.

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