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Cost guide: How much does a hair transplant cost? And 7 tips to save money on you hair transplant!

Even though a hair transplant can contribute a lot to one's confidence well-being, the reality remains that many of us have to dig deep into our pockets for a hair transplant. That is why it is advised to do some research about the costs and see if you can somehow reduce them without compromising your treatment. This guide aims to just that! Here we will tell you what determines the cost of your treatment and with our 7 handy tips, you will be able to cut some (perhaps allot of) costs!

How much does a hair transplant at mediqle cost?

Mediqle only works with the best clinics at home and abroad. Because the possibilities are so great, it, therefore, is difficult to give exact costs without the necessary information. What we can say is that through Mediqle you have the lowest price guarantee, and it often makes a big difference in your wallet.

With the help of this cost guide, you will get a better idea about the costs of a hair transplant, what determine them, and how you can save money without sacrificing on expertise.

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Before and after result of affodrable hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Several factors determine the price of a hair transplant. So to answer the question ‘’how much does a hair transplantation cost?'' for yourself, you will have to take into account the following contributing factors.


This single factor has the most influence on the price of a hair transplant and is therefore the most important factor. Many people already know that the cost for a hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than elsewhere in the world, but how much it differs...?

Below we have listed an overview of hair transplant prices by country. The prices are shown as a range as the exact price will differ depending on the technique used, number of grafts, accomodation, and the clinic. Actual prices are for the most part within the stated price range but may vary (either higher or lower) depending on various factors.

The overview below quickly shows that the place of treatment has a major influence on the price, with Turkey being the cheapest country in the range and the United States, with an average price of up to 8 times higher, the most expensive country for a hair transplant.

Overview hair transplant price by country in 2023

You as a person

Every person is different and this translates to the difficulty of the hair transplant. Therefore, at many clinics, prices for the same treatment can differ slightly between individuals. For example, most clinics charge a surcharge for afro hair (usually between 200-400 euros).

Expertise & brand awareness

Highly regarded clinics with a lot of brand awareness are generally more expensive than lesser-known clinics. When a surgeon proves his expertise based on satisfied patients, demand increases and thus automatically the price at the concerned surgeon/clinic. The key is to have a good price/quality ratio, in other words, get good expertise at a relatively low price, mediqle can help you herein.

Type of treatment

There are different types of hair restoration treatments, including the FUT, FUE and DHI treatments. Depending on the amount of expertise, time and facilities the treatment requires, the price also increases. In general, the FUT treatment is cheapest, followed by the FUE and DHI method. Although the DHI method is often more expensive than the FUE method, the price difference is relatively small and it also depends on which variant of the methods are used. For example, the FUE-CT or FUE-Sapphire variant (see FUE treatment for more information) can be more expensive than the DHI treatment. Finally, there is also a robotic method called ARTAS, which uses a robotic arm for quick and correct extraction of the grafts. This method is often the most expensive.

See: FUT VS. FUE VS. DHI to see which treatment is best for you!

Additional treatments

Some clinics offer additional treatments in their hair restoration package including PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) treatments or stem cell therapy. These can also contribute to the total price. A PRP treatment can cost one to a few hundred euros depending on where it is offered.

Number of grafts

Depending on the number of grafts implanted, the price also increases. However, this is not a linear increase, but the price rises less rapidly than the number of grafts (for example 2000 grafts for 2000 euros and 3500 grafts for 3000 euros). There are also treatment packages available where a fixed price is used regardless of the number of grafts, often this is called a maximum graft package.


An over-looked part is the after-treatment. Often products can be purchased afterwards that nourish your hair follicles and make them recover faster for a better result. However, these products can sometimes easily cost hundreds of euros.


Of course, luxuries provide a higher price tag. For example, additional luxuries such as massages can be purchased at some clinics, or overnight stays in expensive 5-star hotels, you name it, and it probably is possible!

7 tips to save costs on your hair transplant!

Here we give you 7 handy tips which help you save money on your hair transplant without sacrificing on quality!

Person saving money on hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey

1 Location

Location is the biggest factor when it comes to saving money. As shown above, the costs for hair transplants in Turkey, for example, are up to >5 times cheaper than elsewhere in Europe, so you can easily save thousands of euros with this tip alone.

2 Flight ticket

In certain cases, you can save significantly on your airline ticket. We recommend the use of platforms such as Skyscanner, so you can easily compare airline tickets and see at what time of the year the tickets are cheapest. You can also compare airports and see from which airport your flight is cheapest. For more info see the flight ticket blog.

3 Packages

Often combined packages can provide a good deal in terms of price/quality. For example, you can often stay in a 5-star hotel for a relatively small extra fee or perhaps even extent your stay.

4 Stay

There is also still the possibility to look for a place to sleep via Airbnb. This way you can spend the night somewhere cheap to reduce the overall costs for the treatment. However, this is not always profitable when the added stress of arranging transport and accommodation, and comfort is taken into account, nor is it always cheaper.

5 Group discount

It is often possible to qualify for a group discount. So if you and a friend are planning for a hair transplant, why not together?

6 Clinic & Expertise

A hair transplant is an investment, what you pay in price, you usually get back as a result. The price includes many factors such as experience, time, equipment and resources. For example, a high-quality plasma solution to preserve the grafts can easily cost the clinic 100 euros per liter. When a clinic offers lower prices, the difference in price may be compensated by, for example, a cheaper preservation solution, or less experienced staff. This translates to the vitality of the grafts, how it looks and the satisfaction of the patient, and this may also require more treatments than initially intended.

On the other hand, there are also clinics that are well-known and have disproportionate prices. That is why a more expensive clinic is not necessarily better. It's a confusing story, but the bottom line is that there is a wide range in price ranges. The trick is to choose the right quality at the right price!

It has to be noted that when comparing prices, it should be taken into account that you are comparing apples to apples. So an FUE treatment in Turkey with an FUE treatment in Turkey.

7 The Mediqle service

Mediqle is perhaps the most useful tip for saving costs in quality treatments. Mediqle provides a unique unparalleled and comprehensive service concerning international healthcare. Unlike other medical tourism companies and local companies with "clinics abroad", we do not sell procedures from cheap and unknown clinics from abroad for inflated prices. In fact, we are not resellers who set their own prices. The payment for the treatment is therefore not paid to us, but directly to the clinic itself at their own prices.

We use our knowledge, network and experience to make things easy for you. We help you get the best care, and we also consult, arrange, unburden and guide you through the process. We are completely independent, which is why you are not tied to a specific clinic abroad, but you can choose from several highly regarded clinics and hospitals. In addition, the mediqle service is 100% free for you and through us, you have the lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure that you are not paying too much.

That's why we say: Mediqle, the intelligent option for healthcare abroad!

Do you want to take the right step towards your hair transplant? Your Mediqle healthcare coach will help you on your way. Well-organized and completely free from start to finish!

At Mediqle we work together with only the best clinics/hospitals, both at home and abroad, and offer a lowest price guarantee. Therefore you are assured that you are not paying too much for the proper care. The Mediqle service is completely FREE for you from start to finish for contracted clinics and hospitals.

Would you like more information about hair transplants, the pros and cons of all treatments, how to start your medical journey and how to save money with our handy tips? See our hair transplant page, and perhaps we can help you too! #Mediqle

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