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All your hair transplant questions answered!

In this blog we discuss the most frequently asked questions about hair transplants. Do you have a question, see if it is included, if not? Do not hesitate and contact us, we are happy to be of service!

Hair transplant questions answered

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What causes hair loss/baldness?

Hair is produced in hair follicles and consists mainly of keratin. As you get older, in certain areas on your head the hair follicles may produce thinner hair or stop producing hair completely causing baldness.

It is normal to lose hair (up to 100 hairs per day) but when this happens excessively, the perception of baldness arises, this is also called alopecia in medical terms. The main reasons for hair loss are genetic factors, hormone changes and illness. Women can also suffer from this phenomenon. Although in men it is known that hair loss is mainly due to an increase in the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone combined with genetic factors, in women the cause is more complicated.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant is a type of surgery that extracts (removes) hairs you already have in the form of grafts and implants them in a different place. A graft is a very small piece of living tissue containing healthy hair follicles. The grafts are harvested from the donor area and then implanted in the recipient area (the balding area). This means that you are your own donor. When the transplanted grafts heal up, they are fully incorporated in the recipient area and can from then on produce hair.

When should I consider a hair transplant?

You should consider a hair transplant if baldness/hair loss is negatively affecting you and you feel it is necessary. We advise you to wait until you are 25 years old, because before this age it is more difficult to estimate the stability of the donor hairs and the degree of future hair loss.

When is a hair transplant suitable for me?

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, a few things should be taken into consideration, your medical history (is it due to an illness?), and the type and degree of hair loss (for this you can look at the Nordwood scale, see blog). In general, if the hair loss is only on the top of the head, it means that the hair on the back and side is resistant to hair loss and can be used as donor hairs for a transplant. In men, this is usually the case. With women it is more common that hairs fall out diffusely all over the head, so also on the sides. If this is the case a hair transplant is not a suitable solution as the donor hairs are not resistant to hair loss.Additionaly, the underlying cause of the hair loss is usually more difficult to determine because the hair loss may be the result of something distantly related (for example, allergy, illness, hormonal imbalance, medication, etc.). For more information see hair transplantation in women.

What makes someone a good hair transplant candidate

  • Expectation: People with realistic expectations are often the most satisfied with their treatments.

  • Age: People over 25 years old, before this age the cause of the hair loss is often less clear.

  • Hair thickness: Thick hair makes the recipient area look "fuller".

  • Hair density: At less than 40 hairs per cm² in the donor area, the person is considered a "bad" "candidate.

  • Hair color: Hair colour that more closely matches the skin color allows for better blending of the two hereby creating the perception of ''more hair''.

How do I start?

Starting with Mediqle is simple, fast and efficient! After you submit your question/request via our contact form, we ask you to fill in our questionnaire and send us several photos of your hair. This way both we and the doctor can offer you a better service and more accurate consult. With the information and criteria provided as a starting point, we will link you to the most suitable options and possibilities. After you have made your decision you will receive a personal treatment plan from the respected clinic. In case you agree, everything will be arranged and the treatment can begin at the desired date!

Why Mediqle?

If you want a hair transplant, there is no reason to look any further. Mediqle works together with the best healthcare providers in the field with a lowest price guarantee! In addition, the Mediqle service is unique, unparalleled and offers many advantages.

We have briefly summarized it for you:

  • Mediqle always stands for your interests and not those of the clinic!

  • Mediqle unburdens you

  • A strict selection: only the very best healcare providers are admitted to the Mediqle network!

  • An extensive international network

  • Lowest price guarantee!

  • Always a tailor-made consultation and care

  • We offer the best matches, you choose!

  • FREE Mediqle services with contracted healthcare providers!

  • We guide and arrange your appointments

  • We arrange additional matters such as personal guidance abroad, transfers and accommodation.

  • Minimal effort on your end

  • A team that cares about you

  • All in one place

For a detailed explanation see below: Mediqle consults, organizes, guides and mediates in Healthcare and healthcare-related activities. We believe in a personal approach. With our knowledge, network, experience and expertise, we know how to find the perfect match for you at all times. At Mediqle it is always about the interests of the patient, so you always come first! With us, you have access to one of the largest international healthcare networks in Europe (incl. Turkey). We set very strict requirements for our healthcare providers and select them based on experience and expertise, independence, ethics, and reputation. We have contracts and close relationships with healthcare providers from accredited hospitals and clinics. Therefore, through Mediqle you often benefit from better conditions (i.e. a lower price) than elsewhere. We always give personal consult so we can help you make the right decision as best as possible. This involves looking at various criteria that are important to you, some examples are: expertise, location, and price. We then collect the best matches and present the options to you. You then are free to choose whichever option suits you best. In addition to helping you get the best care, we also guide you through the care process. You can think of: personal guidance abroad, scheduling appointments and maintaining contact. We can also arrange additional matters for you and your family or friends, including transport, accommodation, excursions and much more.

What distiguishes Mediqle from other medical tourism companies?

Mediqle provides a unique unparalleled and comprehensive service concerning international healthcare. Unlike other medical tourism companies and local companies with "clinics abroad", we do not sell procedures from cheap and unknown clinics from abroad for inflated prices. In fact, we are not resellers who set their own prices. The payment for the treatment is therefore not paid to us, but directly to the clinic itself at their own prices.

We use our knowledge, network and experience to make things easy for you. We help you get the best care, and we also consult, arrange, unburden and guide you through the process. We are completely independent, which is why you are not tied to a specific clinic abroad, but you can choose from several highly regarded clinics and hospitals. In addition, through us, you have the lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure that you are not paying too much.

That's why we say: Mediqle, the intelligent option for healthcare abroad!

A treatment at a non contracted clinic/hospital?

Do you want to be treated by a non-contracted healthcare provider? That is of course possible, we do not limit our services to just our network. Mediqle can mediate and organize your treatment where ever you want, and with our negotiating position, we can often arrange extra good service and conditions.

Should a dispute arise? Mediqle is ready to mediate. You can also opt for additional services from Mediqle (transport, accommodation, administrative guidance, etc.). This way you still have the care you want with the Mediqle service.

What can I expect from the hair transplant treatment and travel?

In order to have a good image about the whole process, incl. travel, treatment, preparation, aftercare etc. see our blogs: Pre and post operational information and the hair transplant travel guide.

How long does a hair transplant / hair implant take?

A hair transplant can depending on the size of Een haartransplantatie kan afhankelijk van de omvang van de procedure tussen de 2 en 8 uur duren.

How long does a hair transplant last?

The transplanted hairs come from donor sites on the back and sides of the head. These hairs are known to be resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosteron which causes hair loss, this implies that the transplanted hairs technically last a lifetime.

Can women have hair transplants?

Yes! women can also have hair tranplants, although not every woman is a suitable candidate due to various factors. See our hair transplant for women blog to find out why!

Is afro hair suitable for a hair transplant?

Yes! afro hair is suitable for a hair transplant and in fact afro hair transplant are becoming very popular. There are however some differences between an afro hair transplant and a non afro hair transplant, see our afro hair transplant blog to find out!

A hair transplant at home or abroad?

Mediqle helps you choose the best hair transplant clinics at home and abroad. We have one of the largest international healthcare networks and only work with the best clinics.

When it comes to choosing between a hair transplant at home or abroad the main questions are: What does it cost? and, how good is the expertise?

We help you answer these questions. A popular answer, for example, to start with is Turkey. The clinics are up to >80% cheaper than in other countries and the expertise is of the highest level in the field of hair restoration surgery. But now the questions just start: where in Turkey, which clinic offers the best price/quality, how do I as a foreigner not pay too much, how is do I arrange everything for a well-organized trip etc.? That’s where we come in. Additionally, we help you with advantageous package options which include 4 and 5-star hotel stays, transfers, and more.

But in some cases, there are other and perhaps more important factors that make you opt for a treatment at home. That's no problem! We will look at the available options and help you get the best treatment at the lowest price.

Can I get full coverage with a hair transplant?

That depends on several factors and is in fact a more complicated question than most people think. Luckily, you can read all about it in our Expectations hair transplant and complete coverage blog!

Do I need multiple hair transplant?

That depends entirely on the individual. The best and most beautiful result is often achieved after several treatments (two to three), the reason for this is mainly because more hair density can be achieved, and more grafts can be transplanted in total. That is why more than half of the patients undergo a second hair transplant within a few years after their first treatment.

Can the FUT and FUE methods be combined?

The FUT and FUE methods can be combined. The surgeon knows exactly when this is the desired solution, often it concerns cases where many grafts have to be harvested. In case these techniques are combined, the FUT method has to be applied first, and only afterwards the FUE method. Two FUT treatments are often not possible because the scalp will become too tight.

Is a hair transplant painful?

The anaesthetic injection itself may burn and feel painful. After the anaesthetic has taken effect, the treatment is carried out and you do not fill anything. During recovery, pain can be experienced, the degree to which it hurts differs from person to person. Some, don’t feel much while others experience significant pain. You will be prescribed pain medication, this will help relieve the pain and bring it to a minimum.

Does my hair need to be shaven for a hair transplant?

A shaven head is not always necessary but in general the hair is shaved before a hair transplant. A shaven head gives better access for harvesting and implantation of the grafts and enables the patient to better perform the aftercare hereby increasing the vitality of the grafts. The surgeon can consult you on this topic and help you decide which option is best.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

With us, you can choose from the best clinics at home and abroad and you always have the lowest price guarantee. The cost of a hair transplant depends on several factors, the most important of which are where you are being treated and which treatment you are taking. In general, the treatments in Turkey are the cheapest and the expertise there is of the highest level. See our hair transplant cost guide for more information on costs and how to cut costs. The costs of our services are 100% FREE for you from start to finish with contracted clinics and hospitals!

When can I resume my old routine after a hair transplant?

This differs depending on the hair transplant method and the activity to be performed. Most can return to work at the office within a week. Before resuming sports activities or more physical labour it is recommended to wait at least 4 weeks for a FUT treatment and to wait at least 2 weeks for an FUE and DHI treatment.

Do I have to book a plane ticket myself?

You book your flight ticket yourself, unfortunately, we cannot do this for you at the moment. However, we make it very easy for you, with our handy tips (see blog) you can book your flight within minutes and save lots of money on your flight ticket! After you have booked a flight ticket (arrival date one or more days before your treatment), you must send us a copy, print screen or photo of your flight ticket for verification so that the logistical activities can be arranged.

Why no alcohol, sun, smoking and sex after a hair transplant?


UV radiation is harmful to the skin, this is especially the case after a hair transplant when the donor and recipient areas are very vulnerable and busy healing up. Besides, it is important to avoid the sun because you should try to sweat as little as possible. After all, sweating increases the risk of infection.

To smoke

Smoking is not only bad for your general health, it is also bad for recovery after a hair transplant. Smoking is stressful for the body and makes the healing process less effective, in addition, smoking also reduces the blood supply to the scalp, which reinforces the negative effect of smoking on recovery.


It is important not to have alcohol in your system before surgery. Alcohol causes blood to thin. As a result, a lot of bleeding takes place during the operation, which is also difficult to stop. In addition, alcohol can have an undesirable interaction with the anaesthetic and pain killers. Therefore alcohol should not be consumed for at least a week before and after the surgery.


For a good recovery physical activities are discouraged after a hair transplant, therefore sex is also discouraged. No, we are not trying to make your life miserable! The reason that sex is not recommended is that sex in itself can be an intensive activity that involves sweating, puts the body through stresses and increases the blood pressure. Unfortunately this is detrimental to the vitality of the newly transplanted grafts and increases the risk of infection.

Do you have a different question? Feel free to ask us!

Do you want to take the right step towards your hair transplant? Your Mediqle healthcare coach will help you on your way. Well-organized and completely free from start to finish!

At Mediqle we work together with only the best clinics/hospitals, both at home and abroad, and offer a lowest price guarantee. Therefore you are assured that you are not paying too much for the proper care. The Mediqle service is completely FREE for you from start to finish for contracted clinics and hospitals.

Would you like more information about hair transplants, the pros and cons of all treatments, how to start your medical journey and how to save money with our handy tips? See our hair transplant services, and perhaps we can help you too! #Mediqle

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