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How to book a cheap plane ticket for your medical trip abroad

How to book cheap plane ticket for medical trip abroad.

For the medical trip you unfortunately have to book your plane ticket yourself. Fortunately, nowadays it is easier than ever and with the help of this blog you can not only book your plane ticket within minutes, you can also save a lot of money!

Where to book a plane ticket?

We recommend using platforms such as skyscanner, so you can easily compare airline tickets across different sites and see at what time of the year the airline tickets are the cheapest. You can also compare airports and which airport offers the cheapest flights. Keep in mind that you can choose between a one-way and a return flight.

After you have selected a flight, you will usually be given a selection list for additional services and facilities. NOTE these cost money:

  • Which class: business, economy, etc.

  • Where you want to sit on the plane

  • Insurance : travel insurance, cancellation insurance, etc.

  • How much luggage you want to take with you

  • What you want to eat

  • etc.

After you have put together your plane ticket, you can pay. Payment is easy via Ideal, paypal, creadit card or bank transfer, after you have entered your details you will receive your ticket directly to your mail! Nice and easy right!?

Make sure that you enter the correct e-mail and that you write your data correctly without spelling errors!

Make sure to keep an eye on your flight for any changes. If there are any changes, please let us know.

After you have received your ticket, you can email it to your healthcare coach for verification so that all logistical activities can be arranged.

When it is time to fly, make sure you are at the airport more than two hours before departure time and take the printed plane ticket with you in case your phone breaks down. With most airlines you can check in digitally in advance, which saves you a lot of waiting!

After you arrive at the airport, your transfer will be ready to pick you up at the agreed time and place (if included). For your return flight, your transfer (if included) will drop you off at the airport so you can fly back home!

Do you want to take the right step towards your medical treatment? Your Mediqle healthcare coach will help you on your way. Well-organized and completely free from start to finish!

At Mediqle we work together with only the best clinics/hospitals, both at home and abroad, and offer a lowest price guarantee. Therefore you are assured that you are not paying too much for the proper care. The Mediqle service is completely FREE for you from start to finish for contracted clinics and hospitals.

Book a medical trip abroad? Book your medical trip abroad with Mediqle well-arranged and hassle-free!

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