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Hair transplant for afro hair

Nowadays, frizzy hair / afro hair transplants are increasingly common and this is a rapidly increasing patient group. However, many wonder what the possibilities are, because most examples are of straight or wavy hair. Now it's time to put afro hair in the spotlight! In this blog we talk about frizzy / afro hair, what distinguishes it from other hair types and what hair transplantation options there are.

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How much does a hair transplant cost for afro hair in Istanbul Turkey?

What is afro hair and what makes it curl?

There are mainly two differences between straight and curly hair. The first difference is in the way the hair is rooted in the scalp. Straight hair is rooter relatively straight in the scalp while curly hair is more obliquely rooted. The second difference is the shape of the actual hair itself. Straight hair is round / cylindrical, while curly hair is more flat and ribbon shaped. As the hair becomes more flat / ribbon-shaped it will curl more. As we all know with ribbons you can make beautiful curls for gifts, and because afro hair has a similar structure it tends to curl and causes the beautiful voluminous curly hair.

The best hair transplant technique for afro hair. Istanbul Turkey

Which hair implant / hair transplant techniques can be applied to afro hair?

With afro hair, all techniques can be applied including the FUE (Sapphire), FUE-CT, DHI FUT and robotic FUE (ARTAS & Neograft) techniques. The only downside is that this beautiful hair shape comes with a price (see cost guide), a afro hair transplant is more challenging compared to straight or wavy hair. Example: because the hair follicles are rooted obliquely in the scalp, it must be taken into account that with a FUE extraction the extraction punctures are made carefully (see FUE technique). A puncture with too small a diameter can result in a transection of the hair follicle. This provides an added level of complexity and makes the treatment more time consuming, so there is often a surcharge for afro hair. However, a skilled surgeon knows how to deal with frizzy hair and has developed specialized skills for this hair type. This makes it important to opt for a hair transplant at a recognized surgeon / clinic. At Mediqle you have come to the right place, we only work with the best surgeons and clinics, including clinics that specialize in treating afro hair.

A hair implant for curly afro hair, what are the possibilities and how much does it cost. Istanbul Turkey

The bottom line is that nowadays the possibilities for afro hair are just as great as for other hair types, and in the hands of the right surgeon / clinic the added difficulty of afro hair is no problem at all!

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