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If you are not satisfied with one or more aspects of a treatment. Then it is wise to discuss your disagreements with your healthcare provider, especially the person who has treated you. Practice shows that most complaints arise from miscommunication or a difference in expectations. By discussing your complaint with your practitioner, you create an opportunity that can lead to solutions and the correction of misunderstandings. If you cannot reach an agreement with your care provider, there are three steps you can take to arrive at the desired solution.


  1. Ask Mediqle for mediation
    We like to help you. If you cannot find a solution with your care provider, we can contact them on request to see if we can find a solution. If this has not helped, your complaint can be submitted to the complaints committee

  2. The complaints officer (Netherlands)
    A complaints officer is an independent professional mediator between you and your healthcare provider, whose goal is to find a just solution. In general, people die to come to a solution within 1 to 2 months. If you would like to get in touch with a complaints officer, we can help you with this. If the complaints officer has not been able to complete your case satisfactorily, you can finally contact the disputes committee.

  3. The disputes committee (Netherlands)
    '' A disputes committee is the endpoint in a process of complaints handling. The starting position of the EZa Disputes Committee is, in the first instance, always that a healthcare provider and patient work together as much as possible to resolve the dispute. '' (Source: a complaint and then makes a decision on it. In certain cases this can lead to compensation. Keep in mind that the disputes process can take more than 6 months. For more information about how to submit a dispute, the procedure and whether your dispute is eligible, please visit the website:

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