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Treatments abroad

Second Opinion

How it  works

Healthcare is often a complicated and laborious process. Every situation is different and ideally, the care received is tailored to the individual's medical and personal needs. Unfortunately, this only makes it more complicated… Not to mention filtering out the ideal healthcare provider in a foreign country without paying too much for the treatment.
Mediqle changes this and is at your service!

We have already done the work for you and support you for an effortless and well-organized process!
Did you also know that in addition to providing access to the best healthcare providers, we offer the lowest price guarantee and FREE service on treatments from contracted healthcare providers? So why look any further for treatment abroad! Our process is fast, simple and efficient!


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Therapeutic Areas

  • Cardiology

  • Bariatic/Obesity treatments

  • Oncology/Cancer treatments

  • Other medical procedures

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