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How much does a hairtransplant cost?

Hair Transplant Abroad

Hair transplants are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments and rightfully so,  who wouldn't want a full head of hair?
Unfortunately, for many it's a costly treatment, and on top of that it's difficult to choose the right clinic at the right price point. You want the best results and everyone claims to be able to give it, of course, this cannot be the case.
Mediqle offers a solution to both problems. Through us you get access to the very best treatment options at home and abroad with the lowest price guarantee. We are impartial, have one of the largest healthcare networks, and only work with the best hair transplant clinics!


We are a listening ear and are always in your best interest. Our goal is to unburden you and help you get the best care at the lowest price!

What is a hair transplant?

Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant is a type of surgery that extracts (removes) hairs you already have in the form of grafts and implants them in a different place. A graft is a very small piece of living tissue containing healthy hair follicles. The grafts are harvested from the donor area and then implanted in the recipient area (the balding area). This means that you are your own donor. When the transplanted grafts heal up, they are fully incorporated in the recipient area and can from then on produce hair. 

Kosten voor een FUE saffier of DHI behandeling in Istanbul. Mediqle geeft altijd de laagste prijs garantie en werkt alleen samen met de beste haartransplantatie klinieken.

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction

With the FUE method, grafts are harvested from the donor area by means of small punctures (Ø 0.6-1 mm). The harvested grafts are pretreated and then implanted in the incised channels on the receiving area. Click below to for a more detaield explanation and to also learn more about the FUE, FUE-CT, Saffier and ARTAS methods!

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Why Mediqle

How much does a hair transplant cost?

With us, you can choose from the best clinics at home and abroad and you always have the lowest price guarantee. The cost of a hair transplant depends on several factors, the most important of which are where you are being treated and which treatment you get. In general, the treatments in Turkey are the cheapest and the expertise is of the highest level. See our hair transplant cost guide for more information on costs and how to cut costs. Our services are 100% FREE for you from start to finish!


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How does it work?

Click to see how it works and read one of our many blogs below!

How does it work?

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A hair transplant at home or abroad?

Mediqle helps you choose the best hair transplant clinics at home and abroad. We have one of the largest international healthcare networks and only work with the best clinics.

When it comes to choosing between a hair transplant at home or abroad the main questions are: What does it cost? and, how good is the expertise?

We help you answer these questions. For example, a populair option is Turkey. The clinics are up to >80% cheaper than in other countries and the expertise is of the highest level in the field of hair restoration surgery. But now the questions just start: where in Turkey, which clinic offers the best price/quality, how do I as a foreigner not pay too much, how to arrange everything for a well-organized trip etc.? That’s where we come in. Additionally, we help you with advantageous package options which include 4 and 5-star hotel stays, transfers, and more.

For some people going abroad is not an option. Fortunately that's no problem! We will look at the available options and help you get the best treatment at the lowest price.

Home or abroad?

A hair transplant in Turkey?

When it comes to hair transplants, Turkey is the most popular destination worldwide and probably the top pick if you are willing to travel. This is mainly due to two things, namely price and quality.

Istanbul, in particular, is the true capital of hair transplants. As one of the most popular medical tourist destinations, Istanbul attracts one of the best doctors causing an ever-increasing amount of clinics. This creates an atmosphere of high competition, in which clinics try to distinguish themselves by offering increasingly better expertise, luxury and service at lower prices. This is ultimately in favour of the medical tourist. For example, a FUE or DHI in Istanbul may save thousands of euros when compared to countries like France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium and  may even be up to be >5 times more affordable than in the United Kingdom or the United States!

FUE Haartransplantatie in Turkije ervaringen en recencies van patienten. Voor en na resultaten van haartransplantaties.


What is the difference between the FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods?

There are different types of hair transplantation methods and variations thereof. This can be very confusing. To help you with this, we have briefly weighed the three main hair transplantation techniques against each other.

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Then a specialist will advise you exactly what is the most suitable method for your case, how many grafts you are likely to need and what it will cost.


FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation

Previously, the FUT method was mainly used, which stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. In the FUT method, a suitable piece of tissue is selected from the donor area (the back of the head) and removed in the form of a long thin strip. This piece of tissue is then divided into small units after which these units can be implanted in the recipient area. The main advantage of this method is that it is relatively inexpensive, the extraction is fast and the most amount of grafts can be harvested via this method (up to >5000). This makes the FUT method very suitable for treating a large surface. A big disadvantage, however, is that with the FUT method the patient is left with a long horizontal line as a scar, which does not have to be a problem if long hair is worn.


•   It is the cheapest method

•   Hair density does not decrease in the donor area

•   Harvesting the grafts is faster

•   The most amount of grafts can be harvested through this method


•   A long and visible scar in the donor area

•   The recovery period is long (10-14 days)

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction

Medical advancements today have resulted in a popular and less invasive procedure called the Follicular Unit Extraction. Grafts (a small piece of tissue with 1-4 hair follicles) are one by one extracted from the donor area with the use of an instrument that makes small punctures with a rounded blade ( diameter approx. 0.6-1 mm). The collected grafts are prepared using a plasma solution and then sorted before implantation. Subsequently, the implantation takes place, small incised channels are made in the recipient area in a natural pattern, after which the grafts are inserted one by one. The result is an often natural looking hairline with no or barely visible scars in the donor area.

•    Virtually no visible scars
•   Suitable for people with short hair
•    Faster recovery with respect to FUT 
•    Cover a larger area when compared to the DHI method

•    It's more expensive than the FUT method
•    It's time consuming

DHI - Direct Hair Implant

There is a third and newer method called Direct Hair Implant (DHI). The DHI method is very similar to the FUE method. As with the FUE method, the extraction is done by a Follicular Unit Extraction. However, there are a number of differences in the way the grafts are implanted. After the extraction, the hairs are directly implanted in the receiving area with a unique and patented implantation pen called a Choi Implanter Pen. In this case, no channels need to be opened in the receiving area. This is because the incision and implantation of the graft takes place simultaneously. This makes this method the least invasive and allows for better determination of the angle and depth of the graft.

The same as the FUE method, additional pros are:

•   More hair density possible than FUE (45-60 Grafts per cm² vs 80-90 Grafts cm²)

•   Faster recovery | Least invasive method

•   More control over the angle and depth of implantation


•   Often the DHI method is the most expensive

•   Usually less coverage is possible through this method

BONUS: PRP - Platelets-Rich Plasma treatment

Nowadays there is an alternative and less invasive treatment method that is growing in popularity. Namely, the Platelet Rich Plasma method. In the PRP method, platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood and then injected into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors and proteins that stimulate recovery. This can have a nourishing effect. Studies show that it may help combat hair loss increase and increase the thickness and density of the hair.


This is by far the cheapest method and there is virtually no recovery period, so you are not limited in your activities. However, the result is not immediately visible and multiple treatments are often required for the desired result.

What is the best hair transplant method?

Unfortunately, there is no method that is most suited for everyone. The decision depends on various factors because each individual patient is different and each method excels in its own aspects. The FUT method is the cheapest and is often used for patients who have long hair and want to cover a large surface area. The FUE method is well suited for patients with short hair and who want to cover a large area. Usually, this method is often applied to people with a lot of hair loss and the elderly. The DHI method, on the other hand, is very suitable for increasing the hair density and for covering smaller areas, making it more often used for younger patients. Finally, there is still the PRP treatment, this method shows no direct visible effect and is especially suitable as a longterm treatment/supplementation against hair loss, and having denser, thicker, and healthier hair.

To find out which method is the most suited for you and your desired results, it is best to consult a specialist because there are numerous factors that one has to take into account which may not be that apparent at first. For example, in some instances it is necessary to perform multiple treatments or to combine certain methods for optimal results, a specialist is well qualified to assist you herein.


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