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Do you want to make your services available on the Mediqle platform, let us be your representatives, and hereby enable the Mediqle service for all your international clients, or do you want another form of partnership? Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities.
Mediqle is a unique, comprehensive, and fast-growing platform whose main goals are to guide clients in their medical journey and make excellent matches between clients and healthcare providers. At Mediqle we are known for our excellent service and high standards in healthcare. By connecting to the Mediqle network, a wide group of clients will gain access to your services under our supervision. We can also become your international representatives which enables you to utilize our services for all your international clients, including those you acquire outside of us. This way you take your service to a new level and you can focus on what you do best, providing care!

For Professionals

Aansluiten bij een zorgbemiddelaar Mediqle

Do you want to become a Mediqle partner and join the Mediqle network of healthcare providers? Your services will be made available for all our clients in case there is a match between their needs and your services. Please contact us for more information.

I want to join the Mediqle Network

Would you like Mediqle to be your international representative? We will provide the Mediqle service to all your international clients, so you can focus on what you do best! Please contact us for more information.

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Are you looking for an employee or a job within healthcare? Feel free to contact us, we would love to help in creating a great match!
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