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Mediqle is a Healthcare Mediator and Second Opinion service in international healthcare. Whether it concerns a hair transplant, fertility treatment or any other treatment, we have already done all the work, so you can be sure that you will find the best care options at the lowest prices! In addition, Mediqle is the go-to spot for an expert, fast and comprehensive Second Opinion from the comfort of your home! We have an extensive international network consisting of the best healthcare providers and are a close-knit team of professionals who all share the same passion:

Helping people to a healthier and happier life!

Best clinics abroad

Our vision

Let’s face it, dealing with healthcare can be a tiring and challenging experience. That is not without reason, of course, you want to receive the best care possible and there are many things to take into account in order to make that happen. Finding the right healthcare provider can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, let alone finding one abroad without paying too much! That is why it is always nice to have someone with you who is specialized in the matter, supports you, and simply walks you through the process. Our vision is to be that someone for you! With our knowledge, network and experience, we know how to help you in your journey to a better and healthier life!

We stand for a personal approach. No person is the same and we believe that for an optimal experience, healthcare should be tailored accordingly! That is why we distinguish ourselves with our unique approach, we arrange everything and organize an effortless process based on your personal and medical needs.

You no longer need to adapt to healthcare, with Mediqle healthcare will adapt to you!

Why ?

The # 1 international healthcare service

Lowest price guarantee!

Only the best healthcare providers and   one of the largest networks

Fast appointments and waiting list mediation

Personal help from A to Z, you always come


Free - 100% transparency and no hidden costs

When ?

In case you need any kind of medical service at home or abroad!  


  • We have already done all the research for you!

  • We arrange everything from A to Z and support you during the process!

  • Access to one of the best healthcare networks

  • Lowest price guarantee with contracted healthcare providers

  • We help you decide in case of uncertainty 

  • We maintain contact with the healthcare provider and ensure that you are in good hands

  • If an unforeseen situation occurs, we are ready to help!

  • The Mediqle service is FREE of charge with contracted healthcare providers!

For a remote Second Opinion from a true specialist in the field!

  • Easily and quickly arranged from home!

  • Minimal effort, we walk you through the process and arrange everything 
    from A to Z!

  • Selection of the most qualified doctor

  • A thorough analysis of your case

  • The possibility of a multidisciplinary team working on your case

  • Strict privacy

  • The ability to ask questions

  • 100% independent

  • Fast handling

  • Everything included, so no additional costs or surprises!

See our Second Opinion Service!

Are you seeking medical treatment abroad and want to make sure you receive the best care at the lowest price? Or do you want a remote second opinion from an expert in the field? Then your search has finally come to an end! At Mediqle we select our healthcare providers on the basis of strict criterea and offer a lowest price guarantee for treatments from contracted healthcare providers!

Click here to see how it works!

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